Jason Blaquiere



In my teen years, I practised high school level sports and always had an interested in physical movement. After sustaining some minor injuries from running he decided he needed to try something different. I tried CrossFit in 2014 after hearing about it from a hockey teammate. He mentioned that it was worth trying and that if you can stick with it you will feel great and get incredible results. Like most things, the first class was very hard but over time it started to get easier. The community surrounding a CrossFit gym also has a way of keeping you coming back for more. I have seen results not only in the gym but in the everyday life as well. Being more alert during the day and having more energy overall has been a direct benefit from doing CrossFit.

Since starting as a Trainer at YQM in 2015, my goal is always to share my passion with others and help people achieve their goals by applying the CrossFit fundamentals. I love seeing members having a great time in the gym and if I can help them learn at the same time, it’s a fantastic bonus! If you find yourself in my class you will surely learn but you will have a good time while doing so!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
  • CrossFit Judges Course