YQM-Fit Ladies Bootcamp

What is YQM-Fit Ladies Bootcamp?

Our Q-Fit Ladies Bootcamp is a fun and effective way to get healthier and stronger with an extraordinary and supportive group of ladies. Led by an experienced coach, within a group setting, Q-Fit is a calorie-burning, interval training 1-hour class designed to target all levels of clients. With a proven combination of the best HIIT, Core and Functional Training, you will increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout customized to your level and your goals. Q-Fit is guaranteed to make you sweat, shred fat and move you closer to the body you want.

Why Is The YQM-Fit Experience Different?

It is our core belief that no matter how good the workout if you aren’t in the right environment to achieve your best version possible, everyone’s motivation will eventually fade. What started great will once again turn into a short-term fad, instead of the much needed long-term effect we all need. With the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches leading each dynamic and ideal group class setting, our members are held accountable every single workout to achieve their fitness goals. We take every single member from AVERAGE to AWESOME!

When Are YQM-Fit Classes?

Monday & Thursday: 10AM & 7:45PM

Saturday: 11:30AM

Sundays: 10:30AM

How to join?

It’s easy, sign-up for a FREE No-Sweat Intro with us!