5 Rounds
Row or Run 700m
Rest 30 Sec
8 Deadlifts 185/135 (60-70%)
Rest 2min

Conditioning Part 2:
40 Seconds of Air Squats or 45 reps of Air Squats

*We need your help!*

Hi guys,
For the past year, CrossFit YQM and it’s Team have been part of a mentoring group called “Two Brain Business”. This group includes some of the brightest and most successful gyms in the world and they have created a community, such as CrossFit YQM, of people who help, support and motivate each other to reach their goals of having the best gym possible.

Today we need your vote to show them how strong we are as a community and family. We would really appreciate you taking 2 minutes to go vote for us (CrossFit YQM) to have a chance in winning an award at a our annual Summit Meeting where we will gather in June with people coming from all over the world!

Thank you in advance for taking time to vote for your second home, CrossFit YQM 🙂

Have a great night!

PS: If it doesn’t work on mobile devices, it will work on desktop or laptop.