Such as any CrossFit Boxes, YQM members have different fitness goals and reasons why they’re doing CrossFit. Weather it’s to adopt a healthier lifestyle, get stronger or to be a competitor in the sport of CrossFit, they’re all great and legit goals. No matter what your goals are, everyone should have the same foundation behind them; to be able to have a lifetime of health while being strong enough to keep moving and being physically active. The Coaching Staff at YQM are dedicated to helping you towards a lifetime of health and strength, but we need your help to help you towards that goal.
-I know it, because I’ve done it.

I am the best example of the most competitive person you can imagine. Being competitive is a double edged sword. On the positive side, it gives you the drive to work hard to achieve great things and keep improving. The not so great side is that you sometimes go overboard and forget when enough is enough. The best example of this is when you go for a new PR on a lift. I’ve seen myself try the same lift 20 times, every single time with shitty technique. Luckily for you, our coaches won’t allow something as such to happen in the gym. Although our coaches will tell you if they see something “ugly”, YOU should know when it’s time to stop. What I wish I knew when I started, is that if you master perfect technique with lighter weight, you will excel significantly faster over time, avoiding injuries and bad habits on your technique along the way. We have a very knowledgeable coaching staff that are there to help you, take advantage and ask questions!

Moral of this, master the movement, perfect the technique with ideal weight and new PRs will be the result of this.

-Did you do the workout RX?

Everyone is hungry for that “RX” next to your name on the daily result board, right? That’s great, as long as it’s in your appropriate range of difficulty. When we program our workouts, the science behind the madness is to program a challenging workout for the “Elite”, that is also scalable to an appropriate level for all levels of athletes. That way, everyone is challenged pretty evenly while keeping a “High Intensity” for the whole duration of the WOD. Before putting that extra weight on the bar or doing pull-ups instead of ring rows, ask yourself if you’ll be able to keep your intensity up for the whole workout or is it going to force you to take longer breaks between sets? Do more work in less time is, not less work in more time.

-Strong and healthy YQM Community.

We have the best community at YQM. We are dedicated to you, our members and want to keep you strong and healthy for a long, long time. Hopefully these tips will help you train smarter and safer, while getting you on the right road to more PRs and gainz!

“Be impressed by intensity, not volume”

Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit