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Personal Training

Our personal trainers will tailor a program specific to your goals. Weather it’s rehab or performance based, we guarantee the best results and a full commitment to you from our world class personal training team.

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Proven results in 15 seconds with our in-house InBody body composition scanner.


Our In-House Dietitian delivers customized and convenient nutrition programs tailored to each client’s goals.

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Why Crossfit YQM?

CrossFit YQM is a group of dedicated trainers brought together by the belief in the foundations of CrossFit. The stimulus provided is always varied and the results are dramatic. The atmosphere is one of community, support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work. We believe that better movement and increased range of motion are the cornerstones of fitness and that quality coaching is a pivotal part of your experience in a CrossFit Gym. CrossFit YQM has a community of diverse members. We have engineers, teachers, students, and doctors. We have moms, dads, firefighters, police and EMT’s. We have clients who are old, young, and everywhere in between. The things they share are motivation, hard work and honesty. Those are the characteristics that we have built our business and our community upon.


  À l’été 2013 j’ai eu un bon été de vélo, je me trouvais en forme et je cherchais un sport pour m’entraîner durant l’hive. Une amie m’a suggéré d’essayer le CrossFit, je ne savais même pas ce que c’était!  Je me suis pointée à Crossfit YQM sans trop savoir ce qui m’attendais et c’est toujours ma place près de 5 ans plus tard!  Je n’étais pas une habituée des gyms, je travaille, j’ai 2 petits garçons, je suis occupée, comme tout le monde, mais cet endroit me fait me sentir bien et je ne pourrais pas imaginer mes semaines sans ça!  Je me sens plus en santé dans mon corps, mais encore plus dans ma tête!  Chaque jour, c’est une heure de dépassement de soi, de défi et d’entraide. Je m’y suis fais des amis que j’adore, une deuxième famille.  Le truc de la communauté ce n’est pas un mythe: Crossfit YQM c’est vraiment une communauté avec des hommes, des femmes, des enfants qui regardent, des jeunes et des plus vieux mais tous des passionnés qui ont le désir de donner le meilleur d’eux mêmes!    

Patricia Turcotte

I’ve always had a passion for fitness. I’ve played many sports, been to lots of different gyms, ran a half marathon and so on. But nothing ever fulfilled the feeling of accomplishment that I was looking for until my first CrossFit workout. For once I felt like I was pushing my body to limits I didn’t even know existed. Everyday I get to push myself and be surrounded by positive and amazing people. I always had the idea in my head that being strong and fit all at once was impossible, but I was proven wrong; I feel better than ever!! In my perspective, Crossfit YQM is more than just a gym: it’s a community, a family that encourages each other to be the best version of ourselves, and truly the best part of my day.

Julie Toner

I joined YQM in December 2016. I had been on the fence for several months before starting. I had heard that I should avoid CrossFit because of the risk of injuries but after a friend convinced me to try Crossfit YQM, I’ve had no regrets. The atmosphere at the gym was amazing right off the start. The members made me feel like family right away. The coaches were really helpful and nice. I consider myself as a shy person, but I felt comfortable to ask questions about the movements & techniques (still working on the technique part lol). I love the fact that I can bring my kids and keep them entertained on the sidelines while I do my workout.  It’s also convenient that Crossfit YQM has an In-house Dietitian. I have been on the program for almost seven weeks and I am enjoying the results. Nicole, the dietitian has been really helpful with her guidance and coaching with my meal plan. I feel like I have way more energy on a day to day basis and I see the improvement in my workouts. The InBody scan is super helpful to track my progress along the way. There is a sign on a wall that states “Welcome to the best part of your day”. That’s the way I feel every time I walk in at CrossFit YQM to do my workout. Thank you Crossfit YQM!!

Remi Cormier

Joining YQM was the best decision I could have ever made for myself! I’m stronger physically, I’ve lost body fat, I’m in the best shape of my life, I’ve made new friends and am part of an amazing community. I’m so glad I pushed through the initial hesitation I felt in joining YQM! I couldn’t imagine my life without CrossFit YQM!

Sandra Brady

Life changing events are rare, but joining Crossfit YQM was one of those rare moments. Moving from my hometown to be a full time student is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but YQM made me feel like I was at home again. I underestimated the impact that YQM would have on my life. Writing this today, I can’t decide what I love most about CrossFit YQM. Is it the community? The positive effects it has on my body/health/self-confidence or the stress relief? I just love everything that comes with it! I can assure you that the workouts kick my ass every time, but I keep coming back for more every day. I enjoy every moment of pain and joy with what I could call ‘’ My YQM Family’’.

Mariane Lavoie

YQM a apporté beaucoup de valeur à ma vie, du moment où je suis entré dans ce gym, je me suis fait accueillir comme si j’appartenais déjà à leur communauté. Au fil du temps, je me suis bâti de nouvelles amitiés. Tout en étant une étudiante à temps plein à l’université, je réussis à aller a CrossFit YQM chaque jour grâce à leur vaste choix d’heure de classe. De plus, les entraineurs à YQM m’ont aidé avec la technique, avec mes poids en général et m’ont encouragé dans mon cheminement. Pour moi YQM a été nécessaire pour amélioration personnelle.

Samantha Clavette

Je suis membre au CrossFit YQM depuis plus de 2 ans, avec aucune intention de quitter. Jamais je n’aurais cru être accroché au CrossFit pour si longtemps. Dans le passé, j’ai toujours eu de la difficulté à rester motivé envers l’entrainement dans les lieux de conditionnement typique. J’étais nerveux! Le CrossFit semble intimidant, surtout pour quelqu’un « out of shape ». Les entraineurs ainsi que les autres membres m’ont fait sentir à l’aise. Le sentiment d’appartenance au CrossFit YQM est incroyable et de plus, l’emphase sur la technique est toujours primordiale. Pour ce, je recommande ce gym à tous, peu importe leurs conditions physiques.

Sylvain Nadeau